Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

MDRS is a boutique medical billing company that limits the number of clients and all it’s employees are based locally, depending upon the services you choose, our rates are as low as 2% with a monthly per provider minimum which varies by specialty and volume of claims.

Are there any set-up or maintenance fees?

Depending upon the services you select, you may have zero set-up and maintenance fees.

Can MDRS increase my revenue?

We have a proven track record of collecting 98% of allowable, far above the national billing average of 90%

Can MDRS lower my costs?

Our costs include not only claims processing and collections, but statement mailings, and patient questions handling.  This reduces your need for additional staff and office supplies and postage.

How quickly can MDRS set up account and start processing claims?

Set up takes as little as 48 hours after receipt of practice profile package.

How will we share superbills and claims?

MDRS provides free scheduling and patient visit software that is linked up to your account.   We receive information instantaneously.  Claims are then washed and submitted within 24 hours.

If you prefer the more traditional fax, scan or mail system, this can be done for an additional cost.

How does your service ensure data security?

To ensure protection of PHI, we use a company that has built and implemented their security solution with Internet Explorer 5.0+, Windows 2000, SSL, and a proprietary component (AspEncrypt). This tight integration allows us to provide:  Authenticated Logon. Control over Access/Privileges to personal information (SIDs) Personal Security Identifiers Secure end to end Transmission of information File integrity Internet Explorer gives us a secure client-side environment to work in and thru an authenticated logon, allows only valid users to access our services. With windows 2000 your information is specially protected through industry standard security mechanisms and policies like the strict ‘Principle of Least Possible Privilege’ that governs clients and employees access to company systems and information. We have incorporates SSL to provide a secure end-to-end Transmission of data from the clients machine to our network servers. And, to ensure the users identity, if they are inactive for an extended period of time, the site will log them off and he or she will need to reenter their Username and Password.   Data is kept secure and private. We secure data files by encrypting and storing them on our servers. By encrypting files, we have significantly reduced the risk of unwanted eyes peering though data. Only our proprietary components have the ability decipher the encrypted data. This encryption also provides data integrity, which prevents any malicious attempt to manipulate the data that we have received from the submitter. As an added measure for non-repudiation, we track and log all user and employee transaction via (SIDs) Security Identifiers. Each user and employee is issued a SID, which uniquely identifies him or her in our system.   It is the policy to encrypt the transmission of all personal or financial Web-based information that is transmitted between our site and your browser. The security standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to implement this. SSL is the leading standard for securing World Wide Web transmissions.

What are your disaster recovery procedures? and Where and how is backup data stored?

The free patient scheduler and visit creation site is hosted at Net-fire INC. – the second largest server farm in the country. Their state-of-the art backup and recovery procedures allow them to boast a 99.992 % uptime. In addition to the Net-fire backup and recovery procedures, the system we use has its own backup and recovery procedures, tested the last weekend of every month.   When a provider file is uploaded to the website, a copy of the encrypted file is immediately moved it to a backup server. Nightly, backup copies of the database are made. It is estimated that we could retrieve these copies and be operational within 2 hours if needed. The data that would have been processed after the last backup can be reprocessed and applied to the database within 30 minutes.

Will I need to install and maintain software or will I access your system online?

You will access the system online through the client login tab

Is your technology HIPAA compliant?

We are able to send and receive the following HIPAA compliant transactions:

  • Health Care Claim (837)
  • Health Care Payment/Advice (835)
  • Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry (270)
  • Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Information (271)
  • Health Care Status Request (276)
  • Health Care Status Notification (277)
  • Health Care Service Review Information (278)
  • Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance (834)
  • Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820)

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