Robert B. Hansen M.D.

Robert B. Hansen M.D.

  • roberthansen


When people learn that I am a neurologist, they often ask, “What does a neurologist do?” While explaining the kind of disorders that fall to neurologists to treat, I often add, half jokingly, that no one should want to have a neurologist as their physician.

The reason for this is that there are no cures for neurological disorders–they are chronic conditions that need to be managed, with treatment directed at improving function and improving the patient’s quality of life.

My treatment philosophy is to cooperatively and aggressively use best practices to help the patient do as well as they can by reducing the burden of their disease to the fullest possible extent.


Robert B. Hansen, M.D.
Neurological Disorders

Leigh Professional Building, Suite 303
6275 East Virginia Beach Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia 23502
Phone: 757-461-3141
Fax: 757-461-1658

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